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Book Blitz: One Little Word
by Elizabeth Perry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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I never wanted to see him again.

I thought that I had left him firmly in my past.

First loves ... they're magical, aren't they? For awhile, you feel amazing, all wrapped up in the fantasy that it could really always be this good. And sometimes, for a few lucky people, it actually all works out. Some people live happily ever after with the very first person that they ever loved.

And then the other times?

You just end up with a damn broken heart.

He stopped loving me.

It hurts to even say it, but it's the truth. And instead of just being a man and admitting that? He cheated on me, and basically crushed my soul.

So I left.

Hell, I didn't just leave. I literally fled, driving my beat up old jeep as fast as I could, trying to put as much distance between my hometown of Westmont, Tennessee and me as I possibly could. 

And for the last ten years, I have stayed far away, never allowing myself to as much as glance in my rearview mirror.

I've moved on, and managed to heal my very shattered heart.

I haven't even uttered his name since.

Until ... I'm forced to return home.

And guess who just happens to be the very first person that I see when I return?

Yep - you guessed it. Beckett.

He's not exactly rolling out the welcome wagon, but that's ok. Because I have no intention of sticking around and digging up the past with him. Yet, he has the nerve to act as if I hurt him. 


All I have to do is handle the business that forced me to come back, and then, I can get the hell out of here.

Should be easy, right?

Except, I didn't expect him to look even better than he did on the day that I left.

And I certainly didn't expect to feel that familiar pull that I was never able to resist.

But, I'm older now and wiser. No way will I fall for his charms again.

Can I keep my heart intact this time?

Or am I destined to let him break it all over again?

About the Author

Elizabeth Perry is a Cleveland, Ohio native who now resides in a small town surrounded by the lake in Michigan. Her free time is taken up shuffling her four children all over God's green earth, which she complains about way more than she should, but wouldn't change for the world.

She is happily married to a man that gives her great writing material all the time.

By day, she is an emergency room nurse, and by night, she is an avid reader of all things romance and of course, writer of her own romance and happily ever after stories.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Top Love Kissed FREEBIES!

A paranoid father.
A mysterious boy.
A secret that might burn them all.
Evie has never been able to have friends. Each time she tries, her father’s paranoia sends them fleeing to another state.
When a mysterious boy at her most recent school takes an interest in her, she longs for some kind of human connection.
Even if it needs to remain a secret.
Can Evie discover her true self when everyone she cares about is hiding a deadly truth?


51A3sTXktiL. SY346
A place where no desire is forbidden.
Where no hunger is taboo.
Lord McCaulay falls under Mademoiselle Noire's spell. Drawn into her web, he enters a dark spiral of obsession. No matter where it leads, he will follow.
'We live in the wondrous here and now and it's here that our flesh must take its pleasure. Your body is yours and yours alone, but not for long, and never long enough.'


41gj4chq10L. SY346
Losing my parents was one of the hardest things that I'd ever been through. I was just a teenager and needed my mom. Through legal paperwork as well as love, I went to live with Dad's best friend, Perry Adams.
They were friends since grade school, and I didn't know anyone better than Perry. It was perfect.
Then came the years when I grew older and more aware of hormones and emotions. I knew it was wrong to want to sleep with a man that was twice my age as well as such a close member of my family.
It just got harder, though. I knew so many guys at school that would take care of my needs, but they were crass and immature.
They weren't Perry. (Check out the full blurb on Amazon!)


41ZRE8wcDyL. SY346
Money, power and loyalty.
Violence, greed and drugs.
Finding his way in the world his father has built.
Denim must learn who to trust and where his loyalties lay.
Everyone has their price, but there are some things, even money and power can’t buy.


51ggRuV4IML. SY346
To let go, forgiveness is necessary.
Even if the one that needs it is yourself.
As a teacher in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California, Abby Sullivan finally feels like she has something to offer. She has a purpose, a wonderful best friend, and a supportive mother. Abby is very talented at many things, especially hiding the pain of her past. That is until her world collides with Caleb Hunter’s.
With an ever-present ache in his chest, Caleb is living life day to day, grieving the loss of his wife. As a successful writer, he's thankful that his schedule doesn’t require him to get out much. But when his five-year-old daughter, Madison walks into Abby’s kindergarten class at the beginning of the year, everything will change. (Check out the full blurb on Amazon!)


Alexa is a fighter. A survivor. But it hadn’t always been that way.
At eighteen, tragedy struck, hurling her into a dark underworld. Freedom became a thing of the past as her new reality unraveled.
Rescued a year later, she vowed to one day get the justice she deserved. However, her road to recovery was long and difficult. Driven by revenge, she fought like hell to prepare herself.
When the opportunity she’s been waiting for arises, she’s quick to seize it.
Her tormentor only knew her as the shattered girl she once was. He has no idea what she’s capable of now. But he’s about to find out how far she’s willing to go.
No matter what it takes, she will get her indemnity.


cover md
Jackson Archer's life, and the lives of the men under his command, was changed forever that day in Tripoli. Medically discharged from the SEALs and silenced by a corrupt mission commander, he sinks into a deep depression.
Until reporter Annica Lawson starts asking questions.
She seems to know all about what happened that day—to him, Tansy, Jasper, and Matthias. Things Jackson's never told anyone outside of his command. The sexy reporter awakens things in Jackson, things he thought were maybe dead for good.
Annica offers them a chance to tell their story, to clear their names. But is she really after the truth, or is she working for those who want to silence them for good?


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His life is perfect until the only girl he ever loved walks back into it, causing him to wonder if he truly has it all.

Navy SEAL Grady Mills has returned to summer camp intent on winning back a certain sexy news producer with whom he shared a secret one night stand

Kayden’s life has been going great. He’s about to graduate, the draft is coming up, and his relationship with Callie is stronger than ever. 

Savannah Adams came to town for one man and found herself drawn to another.

The animosity between them is undeniably addictive and as their worlds keep colliding it becomes supercharged with something else - attraction.

He can have anyone but her...

He's not about to break the rules, no matter how much he fantasizes about the sexiest woman on the planet.
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